About Us

Rhütten is a company “Made in Italy” which has been producing detergents for the automobile, industrial, community, Ho.re.ca and laundry sectors for over 30 years.

We boast fully owned formulas processed directly in our internal laboratory to meet all your needs relating to cleaning, maintenance, car care and professional and household cleaning and for the industrial production processes. This allows us to customise our products and thereby efficiently meet requests from the most demanding clients, requiring economical or technical “made to measure” solutions.

The chemical items available are enriched with an extensive range of accessories selected and customised for use on the market.

The philosophy that has always guided us in our company decisions is based on 3 fundamental values:

ETHICS in personal and professional relations;
RESPECT for people and the environment;
INNOVATION thanks to the internal laboratory and quality system.

We are present all over Italy with dealers, distributors and area representatives and we also oper-ate abroad, both in Europe and countries around the Mediterranean.


The quality of Rhütten detergents is the result of precise work in our chemical laboratory over the years thanks to use of advanced equipment and methodologies to control both the incoming raw material and the outbound products, to always provide a high standard of quality.
The research and development office analyses market requirements, collecting information directly from the field and re-elaborating its formulations in compliance with standards in force with particular attention on safeguarding the environment, thereby creating increasingly innovative, valid and safe products.

Our chemical department staff is in charge of R&D activities supported by highly-skilled researchers and technicians provided by the University of Camerino, our outstanding scientific partner.


One of our fundamental objectives, other than fully satisfying the client, is not only to supply products, but be a reliable partner, particularly after the product is delivered. This is why we have invested (and continue to do so) in the technical support service that offers specialist consultancy and intervention onsite to manage problems relating to professional cleaning.

This service is guaranteed in most of the country thanks to a reliable team whose training is constantly updated through a professional training program: our technicians are available to the client to solve any problems, thereby helping him or her to find the best solution or the most suitable product for all technical needs.

Customer service: servizioclienti@rhutten.com


Rhütten has always produced detergent for professional use or do it yourself in full respect of the environment.

Thanks to continuous research, the company can offer innovative and very high quality products, in compliance with all legislation in force, as well as safeguarding the environment.
Continuous improvement in the production processes and the quality of the products has allowed us to obtain ISO 9001:2008 certification since 2004.

The commitment to improving ourselves in order to achieve a system that monitors the environ-mental impacts of the activities and services provided, is reflected by obtaining the ISO 14001 N. EMS-6296/S certification for the environmental management system.